GPS Senior Cell Phone – V1.5 GPS

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GPS Senior Cell Phone – V1.5 GPS

Hitechlovers | In 2012 the event Indocomtech ago, we had found a booth with a product that is quite unique: the phone for the toddlers and the elderly. Both phones rely on GPS so that other family members can keep track of site users. This time, we had the opportunity to do a review of one of them, namely Senior Cell Phone. What are the advantages phones that cost 900 thousand in number during the exhibition Indocomtech?. GPS Senior Cell Phone – V1.5 GPS

GPS Senior Cell Phone - V1.5 GPS

For the elderly or those who do not require advanced technology, simple design is often the best option. And that’s a very simple impression felt in the Senior Phone white color. Extra-large buttons is very suitable for those who are functioning eyesight began to deteriorate. If any button is pressed in phone mode, it will sound according to the number that was pressed. Unfortunately there is no support for the Indonesian language.

Actually, the overall shape of this phone is “cute”. Shape with rounded corners, but wide and thick, slightly raised impression gembul. 1.7-inch monochrome display it looks like a remote air conditioning. On the up side, there is a hole for a wrist strap, a 3.5mm audio jack and LED light flashlight served as an independent. That means you can still use it even though the phone is switched off, using the slider on the right side, next to the lock button slide design adheres well.

On the left, you will find the volume keys and access to FM radio. Unlike most mobile phones that rely on handsfree or earphones as an antenna, this phone has a built-in antenna so no need to require users to plug in a cord handsfree troublesome it. While on the down side, there are two connectors to be connected with standing charger sold separately.

While on the back side, there is a sphere the size of a finger tip brightly colored. It was SOS Button which when pressed-resistant within the specified time, the phone will automatically dial the number that has been set up – this will be discussed further in sub feature. While 28 holes underneath ready speaker with loud noises, either SOS alarm or ringtone and radio broadcasts.
design GPS Senior Cell Phone - V1.5 GPS
To enter the main menu, you must press towards the top. While the bottom is straight into the contact list. All the standard features of the phone without a color screen phones already owned by it. Call it, SMS, FM Radio, Alarm, Calculator, speaker mode during a call, to the flashlight. But he still carries another advantage, namely GPS, GPRS-based LBS, and panic button or SOS. So let’s discuss further three.

GPS will be automatically activated when the phone is switched on. He will find the location of the satellite position to within a maximum of 5 minutes. If successful, the GPS data will be uploaded to the platform and the GPS indicator on the screen will still appear for 20 seconds. Meanwhile, if it failed because the phone was in the room, for example, the GPS turns off by itself and the phone will start to enable timing and positioning system using GPRS from your SIM card for 30 minutes. After that time the GPS will automatically turn on again to update the data and so on.

Then how to find out the location of the mobile phone? First of all, you need to enter a maximum of three contact numbers in the phone book to the list of SOS Numbers. Only a third of this number can use this feature to track the location and only three mobile phone number is also automatically call and send SMS emergency panic button on the back pressed-hold for a few seconds.

There are two commands that you can send SMS to Senior Phone numbers to determine the location of its existence, the WHERE # # and URL. WHERE command will produce a response in the form of SMS replies position coordinates, you can enter it manually in Google Maps, for example. Easier, send the second command then you will get a reply response link to Google Maps. Just click, the map will show you where the location of the phone is.

When we try to send an SMS with the second command using one of the numbers that have been registered with both the office location positioning Hitechlovers, takes about 5 minutes until we receive a reply SMS. When we open it using the default Android apps Location, maps showing the exact location of the phone is, namely street Tanjung Duren Raya.
gps-location-GPS Senior Cell Phone - V1.5 GPS
Next is to try the panic button. If you press the hold button for a few seconds, it will exit the vibration and sound of sirens 3 × 3 times which is quite loud. Then about 2 minutes later automated phone call to a number that has been registered. If the first number does not answer, it will call the second number, and so on until one of the three numbers are responding. After that, about a minute later, the third number will receive an SMS saying, “SOS, Attention Please!”

We really do not get along with your phone to communicate via SMS. Why? Habit “spoiled” by smartphone typing commands respond quickly, so when meeting with featured phones that have a response letter to letter turn slow, be a little frustrating. But if you are using it is a parent, another matter. They will be more patient and just get used to typing very slowly, so it should not matter.

That inconvenient fact is the presence of predictive text. To disable it is not easy, because they have to press the # key repeatedly until the indicator shows the “ABC”. It was a sign for writing capital letters. Writing in small letters, please press # again to show “abc”, and so on.

Antenna Radio owned quite powerful in capturing various local radio stations. Once press the button on the left side of the body, then the live broadcast with a clear echo of the speaker on the back side. To move the channel, press the * and # to rewind to go forward, while the 0 key to stop (pause).

Senior Cell Phone Batteries GPS is prepared to stand up to 7 days. If users are also listening to the radio, phone, SMS, as well as using a flashlight, number 3 was still to be had. Must be because even basic mobile phone is featured phone, but the GPS function that burns continuously it will drain the battery.
feature GPS Senior Cell Phone - V1.5 GPS
Senior Cell Phone GPS is actually not only be reserved for the elderly, but also for those who are “clueless about computers,” the children (although children of today may be “unwilling” to use the phone like this) and the delivery of goods or sales employees, for example. It’s as told by Anton of PT Trinet Global Solutions as a distributor, who gets a lot of client employers to “provide” employees so that their whereabouts can be continuously tracked.

On the internet, Senior Cell Phone GPS is offered at a price of less than 500 thousand not including postage from the manufacturer, China. While in Indonesia, the distributors to fix the price of USD $150. Initially we felt the price difference is too expensive. But it turns out you get a 1 year warranty for new replacement unit if the use of reasonable damage. ‘s Fair enough, especially when compared to you buy online from China with no warranty. See also, Philips AEA7100, Portable Karaoke for iOS

(+) Attractive design
(+) Large keypad
(+) GPS & LBS feature for location tracking
(+) Panic button for emergencies
(+) Speaker okay
(+) FM Radio with built-in antenna and special keys
(+) Easy to use interface

The Less
(-) The price is quite expensive
(-) There is no option Indonesian
(-) System bother writing SMS messages


GPS Senior Cell Phone – V1.5 GPS


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